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Substance Abuse

Addiction/substance abuse disorder is a complex brain disease that causes you to compulsively seek out and use alcohol or drugs despite dangerous and harmful consequences. Addiction/substance abuse disorder causes distorted thoughts, behaviors, and body function including:

  • Feeling a need or urge to use the substance regularly

  • Needing more of the substance to feel the effects

  • Making sure you have a steady supply of the substance or spending money you don’t have on the substance

  • Failing to meet your personal and professional obligations and responsibilities

  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms





Family history

Mental Health Conditions

Peer Pressure

Personal History of Neglect, Abuse, or Trauma


Also, the more you use substances, the more likely you change your brain chemistry, making your cravings stronger and your tolerance higher.




Therapy can help raise a person’s awareness of the issues and lifestyle choices that lead to substance abuse. Through therapy, a person learns coping skills and how to replace drug- or alcohol-focused activities with healthier choices.


*** Through Headway we can work closely with MAT providers ***

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